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Download Wooden Fence Blogger Template

Hey all, I’ve tried all the fixes listed here. A couple of problems I’m having/figured out:

For those who are having trouble with their image showing up too small/not in the right place, I figured out that photobucket for some reason won’t save the file as large as it was. So, it’s showing up with only 600 pixels wide or so.

Here’s what I tried: I went to several photo resizing sites, but my image always comes out blurry. You can see my site here:

@ Larabelle, thanks for the help on editing. Any more suggestions on how to get it uploaded the correct size? Or resize on the computer? (I have a Mac.)

Next, if I don’t use Larabelle’s suggestion, and upload using the header edit button (use this image instead of your title option), it shows up slightly off from lining up. Same problems with sizing.

Finally, my search bar still doesn’t seem to work, even after checking, and double checking the code, and replacing the code with my own website. It just brings up the homepage again!

Any and all suggestions are helpful. 🙂 Thanks all!

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