Download Spring Flowers Blogger Template

Download Spring Flowers Blogger Template

Well, I feel so stupid, but I’m just not getting it. Thank you MuslimDairyz (nice site) and Urg. My problem is in the “Layout” page there is no “Add Gadget” to click. No where. Zilch.

i start at the tab that says “Layout” (tabs are Posting, Settings, Layout and Monetize). I click “Layout” and then click “Page Elements” (choices are Page Elements, Fonts and Colors, Edit HTML, Pick New Template).

This page has the cut off gadgets I do have on the right. There are four grey boxes and four boxes with dashes. (When I right click to expand the page I only have four grey boxes-no dashed boxes). When I try to click the dashed boxes, nothing happens.

Any ideas? Thanks for your patience!


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