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Download Mahusay Blogger Template

Strike that. I had something missing from the RSS script.

If this helps, here’s how you get the slides to show what you want. There are five blocks of code for the five slides. Don’t copy over them, because each one is marked specifically for which article to bring in. For each of the five blocks of code:
– Replace the RSS feed URL with the URL of your RSS feed, but make sure you stop at /default (the stuff after that is important). You’ll need to do that in two places on each of the five blocks of code, for a total of ten replacements.
– After each block of code, there are two URLs for the image that will go on the slide. Replace both of those with the correct image.
– Each of the five blocks also includes a place where you need to put in the permalink of the article.

One drawback is that if you use your main RSS feed, the articles will be bumped down the list every time you update… but the pictures and links won’t, because they’re hard-coded, and only the title and description are being pulled from the RSS feed.

I got around this by using the RSS feed of a particular category. I made a “decemberfeature” label, marked five articles with it, then entered the RSS feed as……../default/-/decemberfeature because that is the RSS feed for just that label. This way, as long as I don’t add a new article with the “decemberfeature” label, nothing will move on the slideshow.

I’d love to get the pictures brought in automatically somehow, so that the theme won’t have to be edited by hand each and every time I want to change the featured content. But I’ve worked with SmoothGallery before and I know how temperamental it can be, and I can’t seem to figure out a way to bring the info in and still keep the slideshow working. I’m guessing the Mahusay designer couldn’t, either, when transferring this over from WordPress. If I understood JavaScript better (or at all) I might stand a chance…

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