Download Ligneous Blogger Template

Download Ligneous Blogger Template

Hi Claudia,

I absolutely love this template. I’m new to all of the code work and these new templates. So I’m hoping you can answer some questions for me. Sorry if they seem dumb.

Below the header there are tabs for Home, Post RSS, Comments RSS, and About. When I click on the About, it doesn’t take me anywhere, and I can’t figure out how to edit it. I would like to make that an ‘About Me’ tab.

Also, I would like to add other tabs or replace the content and title of the Post and Comment RSS. Is that possible? And can you please tell me how?

And when I go to Arrange Items while configuring my blog posts, they won’t move to where I want them to be. Ex: I want the labels to be at the bottom of my post, not under the title. And even though it is saved that way in the configuration, it still shows up the wrong way when I view my blog. Is that something you can help me with? Or is it maybe just a glitch?

Thank you in advance for you time!

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