Download Japan Style Blogger Template

Download Japan Style Blogger Template

I implemented this template with some modifications to the images and formatting. I really like the original, but wanted a more personalized look.

1. stored the images on my own “web space” and changed the links in the .xml template file.
2. for the header, the navigation and the “Subscribe” rss images, I included my text on the image nav_bg.jpg (need photo editing software. try To preserve the link to the home page when clicking on the blog title at the top, I used a blank transparent .gif of the size I wanted to cover (214 x 71). For the navigation, I commented out the line — background: — in — #nav ul li a — . Instead of text links in the navigation I used images for each (see “Menu” comment section in the )
3. removed the “check mark” image sidetitle_bg.gif to the left of the sidebar header
4. removed the outline and “Search…” text in the Search box
5. modified the left indentation of the content posts, post headers, sidebar headers, and date headers above the posts.

+ a few other minor changes


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