Download Ink Stain Blogger Template

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Download Ink Stain Blogger Template

First I want to thank you for making this template.
I’ve used it on my blog and I’ve done some tweaks that satisfy my needs, but I’ve few remarks.
En reality, I’ve problem with the search engine. When I try to search any word contained on my blog (for example I make a search for a tag), the result obtained is nothing. I don’t found any article on relation with the searched word. You can take a look on my blog : “” and search for example for the word “Aznavour”.
In plus, can you help me with the search box. Well, when I enter any word on the search box, it appears with the word “search” over it. So can you fix this problem.
Finally, please can you help me to align to the right the word “lire la suite” which is “read more” that appears on my homepage on each post.
Again thank you for your help and for sharing this template.
Have a nice time.

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