Download Bloggerpress Blogger Template

Download Bloggerpress Blogger Template

@EduH Gomes: In my experience, this template was not coded correctly, it does have several issues. I personally contacted the Brazilian author in Brazil, he did not expressed much interest in fixing the problems. Mt daughter came in with an attractive solution for this template. Visit and check my blog.

We tested the template in the main browsers such as: IE 7 and 8, Google Chrome, Opera and FireFox. As you may see, some minor features from this tenplate are not allowed, read, or displayed properly by some browsers. Nevertheless, the most relevant ones are.

On the other hand, I have noticed that some these template authors do no accept or simply dislike “critiques” or users bringing up the “glitches” their templates may have. And DO NOT PUBLISH all comments related to issues – pros and cons.


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