Download Blogger Notes Blogger Template

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Download Blogger Notes Blogger Template

this template is nice but it went to waste (sort of) for me

this is the best template i’ve come across so far but probably if i need it, it would take centuries for me to fix it to my liking. here are some things the designer go wrong (in my opinion):

1. the header. he shouldn’t have made the “blogger notes” title in the image. it should be plain TEXT so the ones who will use it can use their OWN titles

2. the “wordpress” paperclipped on the bottom should not be an image. or it should be removable without destroying the template. another option is that it should be able to be edited by the user. it can be the description or the about section’s link. or maybe even the blogger profile.

i do hope if ever this template will be remade, they will fix the folllowing notices. it is really a pain for such a beautiful template to go to waste

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