Download Black splat Blogger Template

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Download Black splat Blogger Template

Got some suggestions for fixing the code in this. When the code for Blogger’s navbar is deleted or commented out, it doesn’t fit the width of the browser window. A big part of the problem is that the code is tailored to fix problems with IE while ignoring the rest of the browsers out there, like Firefox. Changing the body and wrapper specs in the fashion shown below accomplishes several things: 1) it removes an unsightly 10 pixel margin above Blogger’s navbar, 2) it allows the navbar to expand to fit the window, 3) items 1 & 2 fix the problem with the navbar, but then the body becomes left aligned; the last fix, found in the wrapper specs, inserts code used by browsers other than IE to center the body.

body {
position: relative; /* Fixes browser resizing bug in IE6 */
/* margin: 10px auto; */
/* width: 980px; */
font-family: ‘trebuchet ms’, arial, sans-serif;
text-align: center; /* IE Centering Technique */
background: #000;

/* Header and wrapper */
#wrapper {
width: 980px;
text-align: left; /* IE Centering Technique */
margin:0 auto; /* to center the body for the rest */
background: url( 40px 0 no-repeat;

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