Download Acid Rain Blogger Template

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Download Acid Rain Blogger Template

I reply for yf…
Hi, how are you. Here are way to download a template and upload/use it for your blog:
– download the template that you want and save it on your computer.
– after download has finish, just double click the file.
– save separately the xml file (Acid Rain). (e.g. in my document)
– log in to blogger right now.
– on menu dashboard, just click “Layout”
– click “Edit HTML” and then “Browse”.
– Find out where you save the Acid Rain (xml).
– Open
– after the file appear in the “Browse” box, click “Upload”.
– don’t forget check box the Expand Widget Template
– Finally click Save Template and View Blog
– please click refresh/reload (F5) if there not change
– If fault,just repeat the steps
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